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Drunken Delights – COOKIES – Friday 17th June – SOLD OUT


One of Blackout’s biggest fan favourites are our Inappropriate Cookies. Up until now you’ve only been able to take home our insults, but we thought you guys might want to chuck some of your own trashy gems on cookies!

We won’t make you bake them, because that part takes too frigging long and it’s pretty boring anyway… but the decorating? That’s all you boo.

If you can actually manage to offend us, we’ll be surprised. Show us your worst. 😉

That’s the fun stuff, here’s the details:
– We’re holding these workshops in the building next to our coffee shop (on the other side of the gym). It’s indoors, so your precious feet and creations won’t get wet and/or cold
– You’ll be decorating and taking home 6 cookies!
– Run time is 7pm until 8.30pm.. some of us have to work in the morning you know
– There are a maximum of 10 people in each workshop
– Price includes a drink (we recommend alcoholic because we’re concocting some rad cocktails for this, but won’t discriminate if you’re not feelin’ it) on arrival
– Where there’s alcohol involved, it goes without saying… these are 18+ workshops only, do not bring your children if your babysitters fall through, mmkay?

If you’re a glutard, make sure you email us after purchasing at [email protected] so we don’t make you unwell for the rest of the weekend!

Out of stock